Why Q4L?

Sample of the canned meat.


Muslim Aid Malaysia has been organising Qurban for over 20 years for distribution as food aid to the world’s most needy. We see the canning of Qurban as the most viable alternative in poor, drought-stricken and war-torn places that are lacking infrastructure such as electricity.

Canned meat provides longer “shelf life” allowing the poor and the destitute to sustain their families for a longer period in times of calamities and trial.

An Alternative

Most of us know that Qurban is offered in many mosques here in Singapore. Even so, Muslim Aid Asia is here to provide an alternative where every single one could be given that opportunity to form this ibadah in a more meaningful way.

Advantages of Qurban For Life (Q4L):

  • Each Qurban sheep, can be distributed to 5 families for a week.
  • The canning of Qurban meat allows longer preservation and avoid wastage of raw meat, as most of these places lack of cold storage appliances like refrigerators.
  • These Qurban canned meat, is distributed to our brothers and sisters whom really need it the most like orphans, the poor, victims of natural disasters, war and famine in other countries such as Gaza and Somalia.
  • Fat and healthy sheeps from Australia are selected according to the quality set for the ritual sacrifice.
  • $190 per qurban, includes the price of a sheep, slaughtering process, cooking, canning and distribution to the places mentioned above.

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