About Muslim Aid Asia

Muslim Aid Asia Ambassador

We have appointed Mr Muhammad Hafiz Bin Noorahman as one of our Muslim Aid Asia Ambassador in Singapore. He will be able to provide any kind of assistant or answer to any queries with regards to your Qurban, Aqiqah or Donation. You may contact him at 9022 6147 or email to .

Introduction to Yayasan Kemanusiaan Muslim Aid Malaysia (Muslim Aid Malaysia Humanitarian Foundation)

Muslim Aid Malaysia was initially founded in 2004 to provide a platform and a focus for Malaysians, in particular, to join hands with fellow Malaysians and the world community at large, in tackling the persistent and recurring problems of local and global poverty and suffering as a result of natural disaster (flood, earthquake, etc) and human disasters (endemic poverty, civil strife, wars, etc). In 2008, Muslim Aid Malaysia was officially registered as a foundation organization to serve these goals and now known as Muslim Aid Malaysia Humanitarian Foundation (Muslim Aid).

Muslim Aid is a non-political and non-sectarian international aid agency, inspired by Islamic values, to serve the most needy abroad irrespective of religion, race, ethnicity, nationality or political creed. Beneficiaries of whom Muslim Aid take special interest are the orphaned, refugees and internally displaced people, communities caught in cycles of poverty, and survivors of disasters. Overarching our activities is a striving towards a Peace Agenda, a Sustainable Agenda, and a pro Civil Society & Community Empowerment Agenda.

In 2009, Muslim Aid attained the tax exemption status by the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN) thereby providing Muslim Aid donors tax deductibility for their generous donations.

Muslim Aid is increasingly leveraging the Muslim Aid International network, such as which can be described as having directorate offices in London (MAUK), Sydney (MAA) and Munich (MAG), and Field Offices in place as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Dubai, Gambia, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Sudan. Muslim Aid also partners with many independent in-country NGOs.


To be a leading international and development agency on the world’s stage.
To signify and bring closer together Humanity, by demonstrating in and through our work universal compassion, peace building, sustainable living, and active citizenry, both locally and globally.


We are an international aid and development agency working to support and assist the world’s poorest and most needy communities regardless of race, creed or nationality, we do so.
By responding quickly to emergencies and working with and for survivors of natural and human caused disasters with relief assistance that saves and sustains lives.
By undertaking long term development projects to break cycles of endemic poverty enabling communities to recover and rebuild fruitful and sustainable lives of their own.


Springs from Islamic values of charity and service to humanity particularly the most vulnerable.
Values the transformative capacity of all people, be they those whom we seek to help, or our team of staff, supporters and partners.
Aspires to industry benchmarks of aid-effectiveness, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

Please visit Muslim Aid Malaysia for more details.


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